The Upswing


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In a sweeping overview of more than century of history, drawing on his inimitable combination of statistical analysis and storytelling, Robert Putnam analyses a remarkable confluence of trends that brought us from an ‘I’ society to a ‘We’ society and then back again. 

He draws inspiring lessons from an earlier era when a dedicated group of reformers righted the ship, putting us on a path to becoming a society once again based on community.  Engaging, revelatory and timely, this is Putnam’s most ambitious work yet, and an unmissable contribution to the debate over where we want our society to go.

‘The poet laureate of civil society’
The New York Times

Robert D Putnam is the Makin Research Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University and a former Dean of the John F Kennedy School of Government.  He has written fourteen books including the bestselling Our Kids and Bowling Alone, and has consulted for the last four US Presidents.  In 2012, President Obama awarded him the National Humanities Medal.  His research program, the Saguaro Seminar, is dedicated to fostering civic engagements in America.

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Shaylyn Romney Garrett is a writer and award-winning social entrepreneur.  She is a founding contributor to Weave the Social Fabric Project, an Aspen Institute initiative.  She also contributed to Robert D Putnam and David E Campbell’s American Grace.  Shaylyn holds a degree in Government from Harvard University and is a turned Peace Corps volunteer.

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